When does construction begin? When will it end?

POAH and Urban Spaces hope to begin construction in autumn of 2023. We anticipate that construction will last 18 months and the apartments will be ready for residents by summer of 2025.

Who can live in the new apartments at the former Sacred Heart Rectory, School and Convent?

The 46 homes at the former Sacred Heart Rectory, School and Convent will be available to a range of households, ranging from those earning less than 30% of the area’s median income (AMI) to those earning up to 80% of the area’s median income. Although the number of apartments and their income restrictions are subject to change depending on input received from the City of Cambridge and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the table below provides a preliminary breakdown of unit affordability and the approximate range of maximum incomes that qualify for these units:

Unit Target IncomeUnitsRange of maximum incomes
(1person-4person household)
30% AMI8$28,000-$40,000
50% AMI2$49,000-$70,000
60% AMI30$56,000-$81,000
80% AMI6$75,000-$107,000

The apartments will be leased through a lottery system administered by the City of Cambridge.

Will off-street parking be included at the property?

No new off-street parking spaces will be created as part of the project. Cambridge’s Affordable Housing Overlay helps to create new affordable housing in Cambridge by providing a more efficient zoning process for fully affordable housing developments. One of the efficiencies provided is a waiver of the requirement for off-street parking. However, we are sympathetic to neighborhood concerns about traffic, and we are exploring ways to minimize the effects of traffic, including a designated pick-up and drop-off zone, ample bicycle storage, and financial incentives for residents who use public transportation.